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Auto Credit Based on lordvader0219's 61 Cygni Bd III

A small but very rugged world, Wadi is thought to be the source of Zerzura’s massive rings. In the distant past, this moon may have once been a larger world. However, the collision that formed its host planet’s rings only left a small dense rocky core behind. This world is in the process of reforming itself.



  • Radius: 245 km
  • Sea Level: None
  • Surface Gravity: 2.5 m/s
  • Rotational Period: 11d 1h 7m 26s
  • Escape Velocity: 1.10 km/s
  • Mass: 2.2E+21kg


  • Height: 83 km
  • Scale Height: 12 km
  • Surface Air Density: 10.0 g/m3
  • Surface Temperature: 80 K


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