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Auto Credit Based on sacr3dbac0n0's Sirius ABc

Fourth planet of Mizriam, very high atmosphere. Early astronomers were not sure if Gula was a solid planet or a gas dwarf because of it’s low density. Later surveys revealed a rocky core, however the stormy lower atmosphere and crushing pressures make a visit to the surface impossible. Scientists are still baffled by how a planet of such a low mass can retain a thick envelope of hydrogen and helium.


  • Predecessor: Sirius ABc
  • Created On: iOS
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  • Radius: 727 km
  • Sea Level: None
  • Surface Gravity: 2.1 m/s
  • Rotational Period: 5d 20h
  • Escape Velocity: 1.73 km/s
  • Mass: 1.63E+22kg


  • Height: 844 km
  • Scale Height: 122 km
  • Surface Air Density: 5.950 kg/m3
  • Surface Temperature: 166 K


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