Kratos is the third and final major moon of Hera. Kratos has a thin atmosphere made of nitrogen, methane, ammonia, and oxygen. Kratos has large plains of water, carbon dioxide, and ammonia hydroxide ice with River paths slowly carved by small amounts of liquid ammonia hydroxide. There are bright purple and green areas caused by thiolin molecules created from methane reacting with ultraviolet light in the upper atmosphere. Kratos has strong cryovolcanic activity at the north and south poles causing water exhausted from vents to fall back to the ground as snow. The snow creates large ice plains at the poles. A Small amount of gas in the atmosphere gets carried away from Kratos by the solar wind. Kratos is the point of the radio signal detected on Elpis. The signal was determined to originate from a point on the north pole of Kratos.


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  • Radius: 1,489 km
  • Sea Level: None
  • Surface Gravity: 0.8 m/s
  • Rotational Period: N/A
  • Escape Velocity: 1.56 km/s
  • Mass: 2.72E+22kg


  • Height: 23 km
  • Scale Height: 2,023 m
  • Surface Air Density: 0.076 kg/m3
  • Surface Temperature: 10 K



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    Zeus is not going to like this...

    +2 12 days ago
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    21.6k Zenithspeed

    @deepfriedfrenchtoast yeah ik, i was just saying that it resembles the lunar template and thought you used the same noise config but forgot to randomize seed

    18 days ago
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    @Zenithspeed I didnt use the lunar template, I always use the blank template for terrestrial planets. I do see the resemblance though.

    +1 19 days ago
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    21.6k Zenithspeed

    lol did you forget to randomize seed?
    i recognize the big splotch between 135W and 30E from lunar template
    still epic though

    +1 19 days ago
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    8,524 Hyperant

    fourth pic is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l

    20 days ago


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