Auto Credit Based on Jundroo's Droo

This is the default Droo, only with slightly different clouds, unchanged terrain and structures

The QuadSphere Loading Distance has been reduced, and as a result, the clouds are visible in low orbit. An orbit 130 km or more is recommended

However, a side effect of adjusting the QuadSphere Loading Distance to a lower setting is that transparent, colorful diamond shapes will occasionally appear in the stratosphere, as seen in pictures 4 and 5. A workaround for this would be to disable atmosphere visuals in settings


  • Predecessor: Droo
  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version: 1.0.909.1


  • Radius: 1,274 km
  • Sea Level: 0 m
  • Surface Gravity: 9.8 m/s
  • Rotational Period: 14h
  • Escape Velocity: 5.00 km/s
  • Mass: 2.38E+23kg


  • Height: 59 km
  • Scale Height: 8,485 m
  • Surface Air Density: 1.200 kg/m3
  • Surface Temperature: 280 K



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  • Profile image
    23.6k HyperPatch

    The weird thing tho is that with the Very High, Ultra and such settings no weird side effects appear on any planet but the quad sphere is still unloaded very close to the planet

    +1 2 months ago
  • Profile image

    Dang the diamond thing ruins everything

    +1 3 months ago
  • Profile image
    3,816 LouisBorlee

    Cool planet

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    3,354 Bayourex

    Why does the cloud thing remind me of KSP…..

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    2,173 VerySmarte

    o i love those cloud patterns

    +2 6 months ago


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