Auto Credit Based on PlanetFloof's Feitai

1.3, 19 months into Feitai's construction, this is the biggest and best-looking update, fixing colors, a couple bugs and terrain generation.

Feitai is the second planet from Kol, orbiting at a distance of 0.036 AU. With a radius of approximately 3,140 kilometers (1,951 miles), Feitai is slightly smaller than Mars. However, its density is significantly higher at 9.68 g/cm³ (5.9 lbs/ft³), due to an abundance of dense materials like magnetite, nickel, and hematite, as well as the influence of high pressure. This greater density makes Feitai over twice as massive as Mars, resulting in a surface gravity of 0.87 times that of Earth (1 G).

The average surface temperature on Feitai is a frigid -40°C (-40°F) with minimal temperature variation. This stability is caused by Feitai's minimal axial tilt of 4 degrees, its short year of 9 days, and its dense atmosphere, which is composed primarily of 39% Nitrogen, 35% Argon, 12% Hydrogen Sulfide, 10% Methane, 2% Carbon Dioxide, 1% Neon, 0.5 % Ammonia, 0.3 % Chlorine and 0.2% oxygen. The atmospheric pressure at sea level is a crushing 6 atm, six times that of Earth.

The frigid temperatures prevent the existence of liquid water on Feitai. However, ice is mixed in with most of the regolith on the planet's surface, and due to fluorine levels, the ice can occasionally ignite. Feitai's "oceans" consist of liquid ammonia enriched with dissolved metals and semimetals. Because of the extreme cold, a traditional water cycle is absent. Cloud formation is rare as liquid ammonia has very little surface tension, preventing it from condensing around dust. Most gaseous ammonia exists as a permanent mist, and ammonia ice is absent as the temperature never dips low enough for ammonia to freeze on the surface.
Despite Feitai's small size and old age, it remains geologically active due to its high internal pressures heating the surface. The planet hosts multiple supervolcanoes, including Mt. Feitai. Feitai also has tectonic plates, but due to the thick crust, the plates only vibrate aggressively in place. Additionally, Feitai has a magnetosphere with a strength of 65–95 microteslas.

Feitai has one moon, Riton. Riton is a small, ovular moon that has been stretched out by its rapid rotation of 3.6 hours. Riton orbits very close to Feitai, completing a full orbit every 9.8 hours. The composition of Riton's rock is different from that of Feitai, suggesting that Riton was captured and did not form alongside the planet.


  • Predecessor: Feitai
  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version:


  • Radius: 3,142 km
  • Sea Level: -100 m
  • Surface Gravity: 8.9 m/s
  • Rotational Period: N/A
  • Escape Velocity: 7.47 km/s
  • Mass: 1.31E+24kg


  • Height: 150 km
  • Scale Height: 16 km
  • Surface Air Density: 3.400 kg/m3
  • Surface Temperature: 218 K



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