The Steam Summer Sale has started!

You can get an additional 15% off of SimplePlanes and Juno: New Origins if you get the Aerospace Engineer bundle, even if you already own one of the games. This means that if you already have Juno: New Origins on Steam, then you can pick up SimplePlanes for less than $6 bucks.

Thanks for playing!


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    Would you guys consider adding an option to wings that let's them essentially "fan out" from the craft mid flight? Kind of like how solar panels unfold. It would make it a lot easier to make SSTO/Shuttle type craft and I know we have the technology.

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    @XionmassResearchDevt That is good with the coding thing but errors would happen if you just placed saved data onto precious coding.. It would break the game, you need to edit the code if you want to COMBINE and sometimes Remove pieces of coding.

    +1 6 days ago
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    I wonder if all these would be all in one game in future. Simple planes and juno as one game . Just add all the data of simple planes into juno . Would be a better all in one than separate plus it would make community one big community instead of separate. Merge is good ?? Cant wait for simple planes #2 tho. Thats gonna be awesome 👍

    +2 6 days ago


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