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The Sibaeran National Space Administration was an experimental partnership between Canada and Russia, with Russia being the one more in control. Over time, the partners merged into a single nation, Sibaeren.
As time wore on, seemingly impossible ships became feasible. They started small, replicating starfighters from the popular franchise called Star Wars, which apparently is a multiversal concept.
Experiments continued. They built bigger and bigger, but over an incredible timescale to avoid any problems.
One day, they went wrong. The SNSA became corrupt when Americans took power. They went bigger, faster, and more dangerous. Despite desperate pleas of the engineers, physicists, and biologists, Sibaeren was forced to rush its crafts and its centuries long timeline.
Ultimately, the scientists were right. The latest ship was unstable, the negative energy in the rings causing a tear in space time. Before the ship and everyone inside was destroyed, it jumped to this universe. Their original one was wiped out by a phase transition. Now, they are a small company, fighting to stay afloat.
Sibaeren will not repeat its mistakes...

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