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This is Mitus Areospace’s official SimpleRockets 2 account, where we manufacture the Apex line of rockets and Serpent Crew capsules.

Youtube Channel-
Here is link to the official YouTube channel:

Latest Launch / Updates-
Mission Summary- Mitus Areospace can now provide human spaceflight! This was the first ever manned launch for MItus Areospace, carrying the four Astronauts Elin Brooks, Crystal Paul, Justin Sweeny, and Lucian Mills to LDO for a 3-month stay. This was also the second launch for the Apex block 5.

Mission Summary- On January 25, 2021, Mitus Areospace launched the Transporter 1 spacecraft, a rideshare mission, carrying 8 commercial Cube-Sats and 8 CubeLink Sats, bringing the total number of satellites this launch to 16.
Craft file:
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Upcoming Launches-
SN9: NET 12:45 PM EST 1/26/21
ATV-3: NET 3:42 PM EST 1/27/21

Rideshare Program-
Here is our rideshare form: (being remade)
Also, you can contact me on reddit at u/SFSMatt if the form doesn't work.

How It works-
First, you can fill out the form (or message me on reddit) and I will get notified. Then, we will check out your payload to make sure that it is compatible for the Apex Block 5. Finally, we will comment on the payload craft page if you were approved or not, and when the video will go on the channel.
If your payload isn't compatible, please design a more suitable payload, or contact me with a different one.
Apex Block 5 link, for you to check it out:

Crew Program-
Our new crew capsule, Crew-Serpent, is the newest addition to our Crew Program and the stepping stone for extensive Crewed Spaceflight. It can carry up to 4 Droonauts, and can dock to any standard docking port on any space station. It flew into space for the first time on January 22, 2021.
You can find the link here:

Omega PTV-
(Update coming soon!)

Our Mission-
Our mission is to make the vastness of the Juno System easily accessible to not only our customers, but also our highly Trained Astronauts and commercial passengers for future colonization! We want to make it easily accessible to journey to Cylero(NET March 2021), but right now we are just sticking to getting comfortable with Droo and soon (NET February 5, 2021), Luna!