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Welcome to the Mitus Areopsace, a start-up areospace company dedicated to making the Droo System more accessable, by letting our customers send their payloads up on our Sprint Rocket.

Youtube Channel-

Mitus Areospace YT Channel

Latest Launch / Updates-

Omega SN1-Pathfinder prototype- Completed first 5-second Static Fire, as well as 3 cryo proof tests second SF soon.
Sprint Demo Flight- On February 27, 2021, Mitus Areospace launched their brand new Sprint rocket on it’s first ever flight. Sprint is our most powerful, efficient, and reliable rocket yet, utilizing new full flow staged engines powered by Methalox, which provide 2x payload capacity and can easily get anywhere in the Droo System.
Crew-Serpent: The Crew-Serpent capsule has changed to v2, as it is no longer flying on Apex but now on Sprint. More info in around a month.

Upcoming Launches-


Rideshare Program-

(Begins around 1 week after Sprint Demo Flight.)

Crew Program-

Our crew capsule, Crew-Serpent, is the newest addition to our Crew Program and the stepping stone for extensive Crewed Spaceflight. It can carry up to 6 Droonauts, and can dock to any standard docking port on any space station. It flew into space for the first time on January 22, 2021.
You can find the link here: (Redone, is going to fly on Sprint)

Omega PTV-

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, Mitus Areospace conducted the first static fire of the Omega SN1- Pathfinder prototype, as well as a pressure test and two cryogenic proof test. No flight will occur, but 2nd and 3rd static fires will happen soon, as well as the removal of the Alpha Engine #12 and the eventual cryo test to destruction.

Our Mission-

Our mission is to make the vastness of the Juno System easily accessible to not only our customers, but also our highly trained Astronauts and commercial passengers for future colonization! We want to make it easily accessible to journey to Cylero (NET May 2021), but right now we are just sticking to getting comfortable with Droo and now offering service to Luna and Brigio.

Previously known as SFSMatt