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DPS Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Foundation: 11/01/2018
  • CEO: Danflash or X-Games Simulator (Same person)
  • STOP PRODUTION 22/03/2020
  • Opening 10/07/2020
  • Type of company: Public transport industry🚃??🚄
  • Location: 🇵🇹Portugal🇵🇹
  • Objective: Remove the CO2 level and reduce number of parts
  • Meaning of DPS: Danflash Power Sonic
  • Slogan: The Power Sonic?



  • DPS-200 Family - Passenger Airliner

  • DPS-TX210

  • DPS-230-9
  • DPS-230-10: Coming soom
  • DPS-2XX: under development - 90% Complete

    DPS-600 Family - Cargo Airliner

  • DPS-630 ETC

About the company

DPS Aircraft Manufacturer is a public transport company. Of this tension of people by load.
* Buses
* Fuel Efficiency Planes
* Eletric Planes
* Trucks


The History of DPS Aircraft Manufacturer begins before being a company company. A guy named Danflash had an idea to create supersonic planes that were more viable than the Concord. In the beginning the DPS-009 was created, a small plane. As it had many flaws in flight, the DPS-100, the first DPS supersonic, was created. Following the military version, with great armament capacity, then the plane quickly stood out for the incredible load of armament.
And then the story began.
A while later DPS-Skyline35 was made, a viral success.
After the DPS-Skyline35, the company gained other interests, such as pollution, commercial airplanes, eliminating war.
For this to happen, the company began to make its own engines, the creation of electric aviation, public transport, and to eliminate its war aircraft and become experimental.
Here is a video

What does DPS mean?

As Danflash says in the story, his goal was to create supersonic airplanes, so the company was named as:

DPS Aircraft
D - Danflash (Founder)
P - Power
S - Sonic
(Sonic power for making supersonic planes)


Services - Coming Soon