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Welcome to my profile!

I’m Bmcclory, pronounced Bee-Mic-Lory,
Or just BMC for short, pronounced Bee-Em-See.

Everything I make will be completely stock unless stated otherwise. No XML or tinkering.

Current projects:

Moving van

N1 Rocket

Saturn V w/ rover

I’m the proud owner of:

GEM - General Electric Motors (2018-)

Producer of Electic ground vehicles, including Cars, Trucks, and rovers. GEM also has a small factory and R&D department to makecan propeller Engines for small or large civilian planes.

IFPD - Interplanetary Force of Protection and Defence (2015-)

The IFPD can produce a wide range of weapons and military vehicles. Some notable crafts include Tanks, ICBMs, IPBMs, Fighter Jets, Star Fighters, Carriers, Drones, and kinetic bombardment weaponry. Through sales, we hope to produce enough money to create stations and based on other planets. It also plans to supply colonies with defenses, and is currently allied with AMEX, a Cylero colony organization owned by PorkyClown.

UMCO - Urados Moon Colonization Organization (2019-)

A company with eyes on the farthest, and arguably the best looking gas giant in the Jun System. We hope to colonize the moons of the planet to research both the gas giant and its natural satellites. The organization has plans to send a telescope to Luna orbit to research the planet in Early 2019, and a propeller drone to the gas giant in late 2019.