The Launch Tower Mod is meant to replace traditional launch towers with single part launch pads that are far more detailed and far more computer friendly. Can fit any craft, resize via tinker panel if needed. Crafts featured are by MarioG and diegoavion. As of right now, it only has 2 launchpads which are free to use by the way. I’m also currently working on a modular launch pad mod with Mario.


  • Mod Version: 2.0
  • Required SR2 Version: 0.7.2
  • Published: 6/30/2019
  • Downloads: 83




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    very detail concept !

    +1 4 days ago
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    100 P0TET0Z

    CaN YOu MaKe thE anDrOId VErsIoN

    +1 10 days ago
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    3,352 NoName101

    @CasualCrusade the yellow marker doesn’t need to touch the object, u just need to drag it to where the yellow marker is lined up with the desired attach point, then they should connect

    18 days ago
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    I can't get it to connect to a rocket. I notice the yellow marker, but nothing clicks when I drag an object over it.

    +1 18 days ago


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