What’s the projected release date for SR2 on Android/iOS? Haven’t been around to hear of any rumors or announcements. Hopefully it’s soon.

-The Awsomur



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    298 Awsomur

    Mainly on SimplePlanes, but yes. :)

    9 days ago
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    298 Awsomur

    Thanks dude!

    9 days ago
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    376 FOXLOVER

    Sorry for late but The Awsomuris BACK’ YES!!!

    +1 9 days ago
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    3,916 pedro16797

    You can find answers for this in lots of forum posts and even in the FAQ section

    "When can we expect the mobile (iOS/Android) release?"
    We will begin development in early 2019. At this point, it is too early to give a release date estimate. Once we’ve started to peel the onion back we’ll have a better grasp on how long it will take to get the mobile version blasting off.

    +1 10 days ago

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