I know the next vizzy update will include the ability to target crafts.
Im predicting an auto-explode and auto-targeting issue with launched ammo and unmanned crafts.

In my experiences, auto-targeting ammo and crafts does not appear to work unless you are in control of the command chip that is commanding the ammo.
If I launch ammo at a locked target no matter what the ammo speed and agility is, it never targets the target. Maybe a little bit but once the ammo leaves the turret, its just does what it wants.
You then have to take control of the ammo to ride out the distance to its targeted destination.

My prediction is once vizzy can auto target a craft and travel there, is it even going to do it once it leaves the turret with no players sitting in it?

So my suggestion is to give command pods and chips an “Unmanned Mode” option to click in build mode to allow it to stay on target without you behind the wheel to “allow” vizzy to keep working.

The only reason I say to give the chips the OPTION is because im sure it will take extra processing power to do so and if you don’t want that option then you can save on computer usage.

Let me know if there is already a way to bypass this issue and if so I apologize for this ignorant suggestion.



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    3,396 TestRunner

    Both ideas are very close to each other @crowxe

    In your idea you can send “slave crafts” to assist in a mission. (and exactly what Im asking for to make missiles)
    In my idea (UnmannedMode) I can interact with with completely separate crafts running their own Vizzy programs accurately.
    We would have the ability to do nearly anything.

    +1 3 months ago
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    4,633 crowxe

    well, in my opinion i'd rather they do sort of "slave" control enable in command chips with a certain preset code in its vizzy that can be activated from another vizzy running command chip that has a program on it to control the slave craft, apart from and without affecting the master craft's control . this is really essential for things like docking when the station orientation is fixed in space and you need to turn it for it's normal position. weapon's system and other non-space related demonstrations is a good way to push the boundaries beyond what's the game is meant to do and to practice with programming and aerodynamic in a fun encouraging way, i'd rather save the Division's effort for something more related to rocketry & space

    +1 3 months ago

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