I had tried 10 launches and all failed to get into Mars orbit. Is there a video guide?



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    104 Reen1

    Search a diagram of "hohmann transfer" on internet.

    Those diagrams helped me to encounter mars on SR1... :)

    8 days ago
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    @KitKart .... People like I don't get a word you just said. XD

    +3 8 days ago
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    438 KitKart

    Get into a 100km orbit around Droo and wait until Cylero and droo are 50 degrees apart. Also take note that Cylero's orbit is elliptical so be sure that when you plot your maneuver node that its on the part of Cylero's orbit that is closest to Droo's orbit. You might also need to tinker around with some of the nodes in order to get a encounter. While you get there, you may want to place another maneuver node to get the periapsis to as close to Cylero as possible. Once you do that, make sure that when you enter Cylero's SOI that your speed is 2300 m/s or less. And make sure that your periapsis is at least 80km then do retrograde to slow down into an orbit. I hoped this helped.

    +1 8 days ago

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