oDDDx Fleet Command is continuing putting the Icarus through its trials. After the success of the Ion drives withing Lunar gravity, Fleet Command decided an extended mission to Cylero was in order. Primarily to test the Starships capabilities within Cyleros gravity and also gather any useful telemetry possible.

Sparing you the details of encountering Cylero. We are here! After no real deliberation at all. We were givin a "suitable" landing zone from fleet command.
So we proceeded to deorbit and trust in fleets infinite wisdom.

Even though the voices over the coms sounded less than reassuring, we were elated to see the telemetry was right and we landed on a rather level area.

Shortly after landing, the voices from Droo returned, even more perplexed sounding. Probably at the realization that yes we landed, but as we were at the equator of Cylero, Command actually wanted data from the south pole.
So we fire up the Ion Drives and set a heading for the south pole.

On the way we were updated as to the target of our mission. Sat data has shown a dark spot on the edge of the south pole.

We saw many interesting sights on the way to the pole. Many impact craters and mountain ranges.

Finally we arrived at what we can only assume is an ancient dormant volcano. Once we descended to the bottom we couldn't zoom close to our ship because we were at -270m altitude!

There was nothing there, Fleet Command was not thrilled..


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    @Mostly no, it's a triangle

    +1 13 days ago
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    132 bjac0

    sick bling

    +1 15 days ago
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    4 Shibe

    I wonder if any secret alien civilizations exist on other planets in this game...
    Or Easter eggs

    15 days ago
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    266 Mostly

    YOU GUys know that the earth is flat right?

    +1 16 days ago
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    1,112 oDDDx

    @tsampoy exactly lol

    17 days ago
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    1,301 tsampoy

    When you think you found an alien civilization
    But it was actually a rock.

    +1 17 days ago


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